Monday, 28 September 2009

First meeting of Biography course participants

It's always an interesting moment when you are about to meet a group of people whom you are destined to come to know well over a period of time: is your reaction going to be Omygod or Wizard? How happy I am to say Wizard!

There is more, quite a lot more, that I should and would like to write, but I'm actually a bit knackered; after all, it's not every day that you go back into the snake pit of a new school; I awoke this morning long before the first sparrow had greeted the dawn.

I gave the URL of this blog to my professor and my fellow students. When I post a wholly commendatory comment like this about them they might well respond, with Mandy Rice-Davies,

"He would say that, wouldn't he?"

Tomorrow I will edit this post to create a link to a page to explain what this particular quote, from the Macmillan era, says to trainee biographers about the reliability of what people say. I'll also talk about what we'll be doing this term.

Added 29 September

I have added the HTML code, target="_blank" , to seek to make the link from the quotation open in a new window. This used to work in the days when I built websites but, as the code is listed in my 1996 reference book as a nonstandard extension, it seems likely that the latest version of Internet Explorer ignores it.

Unless and until I can sort this out, I will cause links to open in the current window. This will mean, however, that you will have to use your Back button to return to this blog. Go to my first post, and see what happens when you click the quotation there.

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