Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Autumn Term syllabus

Week One (Monday 28 September, 12 pm)    Buckingham
Overview and introduction
Tour of Library

Week Two (Tuesday 6 October)    London
What is autobiography?
Galen Strawson, On Narrative (2004)
A O J Cockshut, The Art of Autobiography in 19th and 20th c England (1984)

Week Three (Tuesday 13 October) London
Queen Victoria's Journal
Christopher Hibbert, Queen Victoria in Her Letters and Journals
Roger Fulford ed., Dearest Child

Week Four (Tuesday 20 October) London
Fathers and Sons
*Edmund Gosse, Fathers and Sons
Any of the following or similar:
Martin Amis, Experience
Blake Morrison, And When did You last See Your Father
Auberon or Alexander Waugh on their fathers

Week Five (Tuesday 27 October)    London
Men: Enlightenment and Romantic
Samuel Pepys, Autobiography
Edward Gibbon, Autobiography : Presentation by Maggie Oliphant
Week Six (Tuesday 3 November)    London    
Frances Wilson: Dorothy Wordsworth
Dorothy Wordsworth, Journals
Frances Wilson, The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth (2007)

Week Seven (Tuesday 10 November)
Political Autobiography
Alan Clarke, Diaries
David Reynolds, In Command of History: Churchill Fighting and Writing the First World War (2004)
Napoleon's Diaries: presentation by Dinah van Zwanenberg

Week Eight (Tuesday 17 November)    
Liberated Women
Lorna Sage, Bad Blood
Diana Athill, Stet
Lynn Barber, An Education (Penguin, 2009)
Vera Brittain, Testament of Youth
Sybille Bedford, Jigsaw / A Legacy

Week Nine (Tuesday 24 November)    
John Drew: Literary Autobiography

Week Ten (Tuesday 1 December)        
Christmas Lunch

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